Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture Certificate

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Cannabis agriculture is a complex but rewarding process, one that takes insightful understanding to achieve successful results. This program provides both novice and experienced growers with the accurate information needed to effectively engage in cannabis production, management, and cultivation. 

While this program is 100% online, it includes a hands-on project where you’ll have an opportunity to grow your own plant and document the process. 

Program Details


24 weeks




24 weeks



Course Description

This program will provide both novice and experienced growers with insight regarding every aspect of the cultivation process from seed to sale. As this exciting industry develops, there will be an increasing demand for well-versed growers and cultivators who have an extensive understanding of how to produce high quality cannabis.

In six months, you’ll learn how to care for cannabis plants, study cannabis botany and genetics, and explore plant growth techniques. As you gain experience, you’ll elect to specialize in the indoor or outdoor grow track with immersive and experiential learning opportunities to work hands-on with hemp or dioecious plants.

Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion from your chosen university. Additionally, you’ll gain access to the Employer Network, which includes access to a digital badge to display your credential, as well as membership to the GF Institute, the professional organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism, credibility, and equity in the cannabis industry. 

Topics Covered

Through this program, you will understand how to successfully care for cannabis plants, while also reviewing cannabis botany and genetics. In addition, you will understand the necessary steps to take when growing the plant, including: germination, cloning, harvesting, curing, processing, and much more. Students will also explore the external factors that will affect the health of the plant and they will be guided on how to select the appropriate growing media, lighting sources, soil, and watering essentials.

These extensive units are designed to provide valuable information and insights that will assist growers of all levels, skill sets, and backgrounds. This certificate also includes real world case studies, assessments, and expert interviews that will ensure your mastery of the program material. 

What will be covered

  • Botany and Genetics
  • Seeds, Germination, and Transplanting
  • Cloning
  • Soil and Growing Media
  • Cannabis Light Sources
  • Watering Essentials 
  • The Vegetative Cycle
  • Cannabis Plant Chemistry
  • Introduction to the Flowering Cycle
  • Pests, Diseases, and Threats
  • Harvesting and Drying 
  • Trimming and Processing 
  • Curing and Storage
  • Industrial Hemp

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this certificate, you’ll be able to: 

  • Examine the basics of botany, genetics, and understand how to successfully grow high quality cannabis 
  • Identify the various life cycles of cannabis in addition to the potential diseases, pests, and threats that can occur in each stage of the plants growth
  • Understand the optimal conditions in which a plant will grow, including the preferred growing media
  • Execute the steps that growers need to take when producing, managing, and cultivating cannabis

Included Course Modules

An in-depth introduction to cannabis, across history, culture and industry. Topics range from botany to business practices, including Cannabis Law and Policy, FDA regulation, and the many challenges that successful cannabis business face.


Explore the cultivation process and life cycles of the cannabis plant. Coursework includes: botany, genetics, seed germination, and the development of a hospitable growth environment.

Focus on the cannabis flowering cycle, in relation to plant metabolism, reproduction, and growth. Review strategies for dealing with environmental challenges, and techniques for harvesting, processing, and storage. The course culminates with a final portfolio of resources for responsibly building and managing a grow site.  


We recommend registering prior to the start date of the course. However, participants may register until Friday morning, after the start date. To register past that date, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your request. 

The cannabis certificates are non-credit, so they are not eligible for federal aid at this time. 

Students should expect to dedicate around 6-8 hours per week to complete coursework in this program.

Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion from the university they choose. 




  • Novice growers
  • Experienced growers
  • Grow facility manager
  • Hobbyists



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  • March 4, 2024
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  • September 9, 2024
  • November 4, 2024

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