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Ensure that every person in your organization possesses the expertise they need to succeed in their job function by providing Green Flower Training Programs to your entire workforce.

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Green Flower Programs use state of the art e-learning technology to give you the knowledge and skills needed to enter into or advance in the cannabis industry.


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Green Flower partners with colleges and universities across the country to deliver the highest-quality cannabis education programs in healthcare, agriculture, law and policy, and business.


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Green Flower's Certificates

Teaches fundamental knowledge required to succeed in cannabis
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Teaches cannabinoid medicine applications
Learn More
Teaches growing, harvesting and processing cannabis
Learn More
Patient Care
Teaches safe and effective cannabis support
Learn More
Compliance and Regulations
Teaches cannabis law and regulations
Learn More
Teaches safe and compliant cannabis sales
Learn More
Teaches cannabis science and extraction
Learn More
Teaches CBD industry, products and policies
Learn More
Web-Thumbnail-Business Essentials
Business Essentials
Teaches the unique facets of the cannabis industry
Learn More
Teaches ways to effect change
Learn More
Web-Thumbnail-Investor Pathway
Investor Essentials
Teaches cannabis opportunities and investment regulations
Learn More
All Certificates
Teaches all things cannabis

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Steve DeAngelo’s 10 Secrets Of Success In The Cannabis Industry

Mike Bitanga August 10, 2020

Cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in America, employing over 240,000 people as of early 2020. Medical cannabis is now legal in 34 states, and 11 states plus Washington D.C. legalized adult-use ...

Pain Control, The ECS & Cannabinoid Medicine: A Scientific Review

Gaurav Dubey August 3, 2020

Alongside morphine, managing pain by using cannabinoid receptor agonists is as old as time immemorial.1 Indeed, medicinal preparations of the cannabis plant, which are taken by smoking, vaporization, ...

Hospitality In Cannabis: Helping New Dispensary Customers

Adam Pallay August 3, 2020

There are many reasons why a person walks through the doors of a cannabis shop. Some people are regulars and know exactly what they want, and others are coming in for the first time and have no idea w...