Medical Applications of Cannabis

Created by medical professionals for medical professionals

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In Green Flower's Medical Applications of Cannabis Certificate Program, you'll learn how cannabis can be deployed to treat numerous medical issues.


The program was designed by the world's leading cannabis M.D.s, scientists, and researchers to help healthcare practitioners gain a comprehensive scientific understanding of how cannabis interacts with the human body. You will study the most recent scientific findings on cannabis and the evidence that supports its use as a legitimate medical treatment—knowledge you'll be able to use to improve the lives of the patients in your care. 


The program will familiarize you with a variety of topics including:

  • History of medical cannabis
  • Applications of CBD
  • Cannabis mechanisms of action
  • How cannabis affects various demographics
  • The endocannabinoid system
  • Side-effects and risks of consumption
  • Using medical cannabis for different diseases and ailments
  • Cannabis and psychiatry
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Proper dosing
  • Legal implications for medical cannabis practitioners
  • Tracking cannabis use

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The demand for medical cannabis is growing.

Cannabis has been used to treat various medical issues, including pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, nausea from cancer and chemotherapy, seizures, inflammation, and loss of appetite. Currently, cannabis is cleared for medical use in 22 countries, and over 65% of U.S. residents live in a state where cannabis is medically legal. This number is only going to grow the outcry for a safe alternative to prescription drugs increases.

Who can benefit from taking this program?

Learn the facts about cannabis medicine so you can incorporate it into your practice.
Help your patients find relief without resorting to prescription drugs.
Give your students a clear understanding of the ways cannabis interacts with the body.


Meet the Instructors


Dr. Michael Tagen

Cannabis Pharmacology Expert


David Bearman, MD

Certified Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist


Dr. Joseph Morgan

Cannabis Expert


Martha 'Muffy' Montemayor, CNC

Founder, Healthy Choices Unlimited


Dr. Jose Franceschini

Cannabis Expert


Dr. Jack McCue

Cannabis Expert


Ian Stewart

Chair of Wilson Elser Cannabis Law Practice


Joshua Wurzer

President and Co-Founder, SC Labs


Dr. Allan I. Frankel

Cannabis Expert


Amy Silverman, RN

Cannabis Expert


Joseph Cohen, DO

Holos Health, Boulder, CO


"We had people on our team who were new to cannabis and many who are experts. Everyone learned something! Now, as a business, we all have a set level of understanding of cannabis and its history."

Dianna Czarkowski, Canna Advisors

"Green Flower Programs are immensely valuable to the cannabis industry. Even as an industry expert, I learned some things I didn't know before, deepened my knowledge in certain areas, and loved the learning process with all the videos, interactive materials, and quizzes. Whether you are looking to enter the industry or grow as a leader in your company, I recommend everyone go through this invaluable online cannabis training."

Tyler Stratford, Retail Operations Manager, Canna Advisors

"Green Flower is a wonderful tool that has helped us gain a much deeper understanding of the history, science, and benefits of cannabis as a medicine. Highly recommended for both individuals and teams looking for the highest quality cannabis education and training!"

Gregg Steinberg, CEO, Growcentia


Course Objectives:

  • Examine the earliest historical proof of medical cannabis in ancient civilizations
  • Identify reasons why the use of medicinal cannabis declined in the early 20th century
  • Explore significant scientific research on cannabis that occurred in the second half of the 20th century
  • Discuss the current resurgence of cannabis in medicine as it regains acceptance by mainstream society

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss a brief history of medical cannabis research to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabis as a medicine
  • Explore research on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the different cannabinoid receptors that promote therapeutic value
  • Examine cannabis related studies that explore the safety and dangers of prescription and illicit drug use
  • Review developments into the psychoactivity and psycho-toxicity of medicinal cannabis

Course Objectives:

  • Identify cannabis consumption methods and route of administration for medical patients
  • Analyze differences in onset and duration times depending on route of cannabis administration
  • Learn dosing and administration routes to optimize patient outcomes
  • Know how to advise patient care and counsel on how to self-titrate

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the reliability of medical cannabis research to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabis as medicine
  • Examine evidence based medicine approaches that support the therapeutic use of cannabis
  • Recall state of the art research in cannabis compounds for treating various medical conditions
  • Review future developments into new ways to reshape the cannabis research landscape

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the pharmacological actions and therapeutic uses of cannabis and cannabinoids
  • Explore the pharmacodynamics of cannabis behind THC and cannabidiol as a treatment for multiple conditions
  • Examine the pharmacokinetics of CBD and the significance of dosing and routes of administration
  • Discuss the synergistic relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss medical literature and statistical evidence between cannabis and mental health
  • Explore the safety and efficacy of cannabis in treating physical and mental health conditions
  • Analyze cannabis as a substitute for both prescription and other illicit drugs
  • Identify therapeutic benefits of cannabis use for symptoms associated with neurological disorders

Course Objectives:

  • Examine the relationship between exo-cannabinoids and endocannabinoids
  • Review addiction prevention and using cannabis as a narcotic replacement
  • Explore addiction treatment options using CBD and THC to treat patients
  • Discover best practices for using cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain, mood disorders, and narcotic use

Course Objectives:

  • Examine benefits of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of patients with Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Describe the endocannabinoid system as our most important neural and immune regulator system
  • Explore cannabinoid compounds and the therapeutic benefit for treating symptoms in neurologic diseases
  • Discuss research about the beneficial effects of THC for treating symptoms of the underlying disease

Course Objectives:

  • Examine the health effects of cannabinoids and its effects on cancer
  • Review the treatment and prevention of cancer related symptoms
  • Explore questions and answers about using cannabis and cannabidiol
  • Discover best practices for the treatment of chronic pain and cancer

Medical Certificate Program

You have 90 days to complete this program


  • Average time of course: 45 hours

  • Time to complete course: 90 days

  • Extensions available if needed

  • 100% online. Learn anywhere!

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Are there any prerequisites?

No. This program is available to anyone.

What's included with this program?

Online courses comprised of engaging videos and written materials, knowledge checks at the end of every module to assimilate your learning, private forum for students to connect and provide support, downloadable references to keep and access on your phone, and your official Green Flower Certificate (once you pass the exam).

Can I take the program online?

Yes. Green Flower Programs are 100% online and can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Who should get a Green Flower Certificate? What will it do for me?

Whether you are looking to enter the cannabis industry, get hired by a cannabis company, invest in the cannabis market, win a cannabis license, become a more knowledgeable advocate, better serve the patients in your care, or contribute more deeply to your organization, getting a Green Flower Certificate will make you exponentially more confident, credible, and valuable to the cannabis industry today.

How much time and energy will it take to get my certificate?

Between watching the video content, reading the written material, taking the short quizzes, and studying for the exam, it will likely take you 45 hours to complete.

How do I pass the course?

You'll need to achieve a grade of 80% on the final exam to pass the course and receive your certificate.

What can you tell me about the final exam?

The exam is a comprehensive multiple-choice exam administered online. A grade of 80% is required to pass. Enrollment allows two attempts to achieve a passing score. You will have 90 days to complete both the program and the final exam. This is a closed book exam. Upon passing, you will receive your official certificate to hang on your wall and use for credibility and trust in the Industry.

What happens if I don't pass the exam?

You will have two chances to pass the final exam with enrollment. Retakes are $69 after that. You must achieve an 80% passing score to receive your Green Flower Certificate.

Is your program accredited?

No, Green Flower is not an accredited school and doesn't plan to be. We produce trusted cannabis education led and validated by the world's top experts, and our programs are utilized by companies, associations, nonprofits, and governments around the world.

Will there be any mailed, hard copy books or reference materials?

No, nothing will be mailed and no hard copy text will be assigned. There are materials in each course that you can download, print, and use at your convenience.

Can any module be visited more than once, to reinforce learning?

Absolutely! You can review any and all materials as many times as you would like in the 90 days (30 for Sell-SMaRT) your program is open.

Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes plans change. If you can no longer take the course, please email us no later than 7 days after your purchase. We will be happy to issue you a refund (minus our enrollment fee of $20). No refunds will be given to cancellations made after 7 days of purchase.


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