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The cannabis industry is extremely nuanced and in the space, knowledge really is power. Gain a complete 360 degree understanding of the cannabis plant and the supply chain with the Pro Pack bundle. This all-inclusive package features eight of Green Flower’s best-in-class certificate programs in one affordable package. Become a leader in the space with the most up-to-date and relevant information the industry has to offer.

The Pro Pack Includes 8 Green Flower Certificate Programs

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Training Covers:

  • The endocannabinoid system
  • How to address cannabis myths with science
  • Cannabis biology & terminology
  • Proper dosing protocols
  • And more

The Fundamentals of Cannabis Certificate Program covers topics that are essential for anyone looking to build a career in the booming cannabis industry today.

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Training Covers:

  • Ways CBD affects the body
  • The legal landscape: what you need to know to stay compliant
  • How to tell the difference between quality and inferior CBD products
  • The breadth of opportunities in the burgeoning CBD industry
  • And more

The CBD Certificate Program covers all things CBD: the industry, the products, the policies, the applications, and more.

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Training Covers:

  • Cannabis mechanisms of action
  • How cannabis affects various demographics
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Legal implications for medical cannabis practitioners
  • And more

Medical Applications of Cannabis Certificate Program, teaches how cannabis can be deployed to treat numerous medical issues.

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Training Covers:

  • Watering and nutrient cycles
  • Proper genetic selection
  • Natural pest management and disease control
  • Ways you can maximize quality and yields
  • And more

The Cultivation Certificate Program provides you with the horticultural training necessary to grow quality cannabis at scale.

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Training Covers:

  • Cannabis Chemistry: the science of cannabis molecules
  • The three major extraction processes
  • How to choose the best extraction method(s) for your business
  • Quality control: replicating optimal results
  • And more

The Extraction Certificate Program provides students with an in-depth working knowledge of industrial laboratory techniques and extraction principles.

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Training Covers:

  • Contraindications with cannabis and other medications
  • How cannabis molecules interact within the body
  • Ways to safely guide people to the right cannabis products
  • Dosing protocols for different conditions
  • And more

The Patient Care Certificate Program will familiarize you with cannabis' effects on the body and how it can be used to bring relief to a variety of ailments.

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Training Covers:

  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Banking & accounting for cannabis businesses
  • Obtaining real estate for cannabis venture
  • Getting insurance for a cannabis business
  • And more

The Compliance & Regulations Certificate Program will familiarize you with the laws and regulations that govern the legal cannabis industry in the United States.

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Training Covers:

  • Developing distribution networks
  • Increasing retail sales
  • Marketing your brand
  • Commercial cultivation
  • And more

The Business Essentials Program will help you grasp the unique opportunities and challenges inherent to the cannabis industry, so you can make an impact on the space.

The Green Flower Pro Pack

You have one year to complete your training

$997 (USD)

  • Over 80 hours of content

  • Time to complete courses: 365 days

  • Extensions available if needed

  • 100% online. Learn anywhere!

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