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Onboarding is a critical moment to engage new hires and set them up for success. Green Flower partners with cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers, to help accelerate the onboarding process. Our training programs will help significantly reduce costs, increase productivity, and decrease employee turnover.

Accelerate Onboarding. Reduce Employee Turnover.

What Is Employee Turnover Costing Your Business?

Calculate for yourself how much employee turnover is costing your business.

Step 1:Download the Employee Turnover Calculator below
Step 2:Plug the required data as it relates to your business reality in the GREEN cells
Step 3:The calculator automatically calculates how much money you could save with an effective onboarding and retention strategy




Learning Pathways

Check out a sample of our award winning content below and experience the quality of Green Flower’s learning solutions. Download the brochure and see what learning journeys are right for your business. If you don’t find the exact fit for your business – no problem – we customize learning journeys to meet your own specifications


Dispensary Agent Learning Pathway – 300 Series

24 courses
19h 38m

Extraction Agent Learning Pathway – 300 Series

17 courses
18h 43m

Manufacturing Agent Learning Pathway - 200 Series

19 courses
13h 40m

Manufacturing Agent Learning Pathway - 300 Series

18 courses
12h 22m

Cultivation Agent Learning Path - 100 Series

23 courses
36h 24m

Manufacturing Agent Learning Pathway - 100 Series

20 courses
37h 10m

Extraction Agent Learning Pathway – 100 Series

15 courses
29h 35m

Dispensary Agent Learning Pathway – 200 Series

20 courses
29h 46m

Cultivation Agent Learning Pathway – 300 Series

21 courses
21h 46m

Extraction Agent Learning Pathway – 200 Series

10 courses
5h 50m

Cultivation Agent Learning Path - 200 Series

16 courses
13h 53m

Dispensary Agent Learning Pathway – 100 Series

15 courses
28h 39m
Benefits Of Our Training Courses

Improves Employee Performance

Providing employees with the expertise they need to make a positive impact on your business. Learning new skills empower your people to deliver a better quality of work with increased efficiency.

Improves Employee Retention and Growth

Retention can be increased by as much as 60% when proper training is provided. Given that the average cost of onboarding a new employee is 21% of that employee’s annual salary, training makes sense.

Risk Management

A lack of awareness of internal weakness is a hazardous thing within an organization. Training overcomes this as you can educate your employees on important subjects that help overcome and avoid any issues.

Tracks Employee Skills

Stay up to date on your team's progress to ensure your entire organization is compliant and equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Customer Satisfaction

Better trained employees make more productive team members, who in turn, serve your customers more effectively.

Learning Solutions for the Busy Employee

Our mobile ready, ‘just in time’ learning solutions are created with the busy modern professional in mind.

Increases Engagement

We don’t make this stuff up, this is what has been discovered for companies with a high performance learning culture.

Green Flower’s experience and reputation in training, combined with FOCUS’ expertise around quality and safety, allows us to better serve the industry and all of its stakeholders

Lezli Engelking, Founder, FOCUS

The perfect way to learn the most important aspects about cannabis straight from the world's top experts.

Boris Shcharansky, COO, Papa & Barkley

I went from a novice cannabis professional to a cannabis evangelist.

Brian Dewey, Kiva

I recommend everyone go through Green Flower’s Certification Program.

Tyler Stratford, Retail Operations Manager, Canna Advisors

The foundational cannabis education our industry needs!

Tianna Jones, Bloom Farms

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