WATCH: Integrating Cannabis into Patient Care - MJ for MDs

Health Green Flower 2/20/2020

In his acclaimed talk from MJ for MDs, Dr. Joseph Cohen introduces the concept of functional medicine and explains how cannabis is flipping the paradigm of the way medications are tested and developed. 

Dr. Cohen also shares some of the nuances and advantages he’s experienced while running his cannabis clinic, which he started after 30 years working as an OB/GYN.

One critical nuance that U.S. cannabis clinicians are facing revolves around the heavy restrictions against cannabis research, which places increased focus on learning at the clinical level. 

“With cannabis medicine, the clinical is leading the research. In most medicine, you have to do research to come up with a medication…with cannabis it’s completely different,” Dr. Cohen says, emphasizing the key role of clinical experience in cannabis and the importance or clinicians sharing their findings with others in the medical community.

This is exactly why conferences like MJ for MDs are so important, empowering healthcare professionals to help more patients safely and effectively.

Watch the excerpt:


Want to see more from MJ for MDs? Watch Dr. Cohen’s complete talk as well as talks from other researchers and physicians, all on Green Flower now—sign up for your free seven-day trial membership.

What is MJ for MDs?

Unfortunately, cannabis still isn’t taught in medical schools and the majority of information out there is completely devoid of any science or facts. This is becoming a real problem for medical practitioners who are getting asked more and more questions by patients and other professionals, but don’t have good answers to give back. 

That’s why over 300+ physicians, nurses, healthcare practitioners, and clinicians came together for the Marijuana For Medical Professionals (MJ for MDs) to get the most up-to-date training and facts about medical cannabis from the world’s leading experts.

Considered to be one of the most credible and well-respected medical cannabis events in the world, you can now watch the 2018 MJ for MDs event with a Green Flower Membership.

If you are in the medical field and your patients, peers, colleagues, or friends have been asking you questions about medical cannabis, and you don’t feel like you can trust the random information on the internet, this comprehensive event will give you the clear answers you’ve been looking for.    

Watching MJ for MDs is perfect for:

    • Physicians who treat patients 
    • Registered nurses who want to get properly educated
    • Healthcare professionals who need to understand the facts
    • Policy makers who can’t figure out what’s true about cannabis
    • Pharmacists who want to understand the mechanism of action
    • Scientists who want more technical information about cannabis
    • Cannabis patients who want to be empowered with credible knowledge
    • Anyone looking to understand how cannabis actually works as medicine

Watch MJ for MDs on Green Flower now when you sign up for your free seven-day trial membership here.

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