The Midwestern region of the United States is in the midst of the most exciting time ever for cannabis policy.

While Michigan’s recent adult-use cannabis legislation has bolstered momentum throughout the region, a lot is happening on the medical front, too.

Medical cannabis programs in the region are steadily growing, and more conditions are being added to programs on a semi-frequent basis.

Naturally, the need and the desire for trusted cannabis knowledge and education is at an all-time high: doctors, nurses, caregivers, students, legislators, law enforcement, patients – most people are struggling to overcome tremendous cannabis knowledge gaps.

This is why the Green Flower team is so excited to bring you the Midwest Cannabis Education Conference, now streaming.

What is the Midwest Cannabis Education Conference?

The Midwest Cannabis Education Conference took place in Itasca, Illinois June 8-9 – and some of the world’s leading cannabis experts shared the stage for deep-dive explorations into the biggest cannabis questions today.

If you couldn’t make it to the conference, don’t worry. You can watch any of these helpful talks right now:

  • Endocannabinoid Overview – Cristina Sanchez, PhD
  • Cannabis and Pain – Dr. Perry Solomon
  • Cannabis and Anxiety – Dr. Harry McIlroy and Robert Kowalski
  • Cannabis and Cancer – Cristina Sanchez, PhD
  • Cannabis and Epilepsy – Paolo Pineda, MD
  • Integrating Cannabis into the Patient's Health Plan – Dr. Harry McIlroy
  • Caregivers and Cannabis – Mara Gordon, Jessie Welsh
  • Making Your Medicine – Mara Gordon, JeffThe420Chef

Watch any talk today and please feel free to spread them around if you want to change hearts and minds about cannabis.