Stigma Breakers: You'll Be Surprised When You See Who's Learning Cannabis Today

Industry Green Flower 11/25/2018

Cannabis Stigma Breakers

Here at Green Flower, we are constantly inspired by the different people we meet.

Some are searching for personal answers like how to use cannabis as medicine, and others want to join this incredible industry and start a new career.

What's more, many of these people live in regions where cannabis still faces a lot of stigma, and yet they strive to do their part and dismantle that stigma every day.

To spread this inspiration, you're reading the first of a new, monthly column where we highlight some of the people who've gone through our Green Flower Academy, capturing a bit of their story and what it is that has pulled them toward cannabis learning in the first place.

These three inspiring people were among the group to recently finish the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program.

Jeanie Pipitone – Marketing & Sales, Science Lover, Health & Wellness Fanatic

jeanie pipotone

Tell us about your background and what drew you to cannabis.

The cannabis industry excites me so much because it’s a combination of ‘right up my alley’ and opportunity. My love for the science of things along with my experience in marketing, sales, and account management makes me uniquely qualified to talk about cannabis with ease across functions and levels within an organization, with a retailer, or a consumer.

Having dealt with and resolved my own previous health issues with natural remedies, I am able to relate to cannabis consumers.

Currently living in Atlanta, GA, I would love to talk with Hemp/CBD companies about spreading the word (sales, marketing, events, etc). I currently work with local indie stores and some pharmacies, and I'm an authentic health and wellness fanatic, so I naturally speak the language.  

Why the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate program?

I looked for a certification program because I wanted to expand my knowledge AND gain credentials.  For me, credentials are important because I am primarily self-taught, and although I am confident in my knowledge, the certification adds to my credibility. I chose Green Flower because the curriculum covers a wide range of topics taught by industry experts, and so, was a good fit for me.

The platform was easy to use. The modules were a combination of written text and videos, which was a nice mixture of ways of learning. It was easy to follow my progress. And the content was relevant, interesting, and easy to absorb.

Dr. Carol Layton – Biological Dentist

dr carol layton

Can you tell us about the connection between your work and cannabis?

I am a biological dentist (DMD from University of practice in Hummelstown, PA...near Hershey)...I have been in practice now for at least 41 years, 12 of those years have been mercury free, mercury safe (safe removal of mercury fillings), fluoride free. I am also certified to use ozone in my practice (we have a generator and produce ozonated water, gases and oils for protection, prevention and therapy).

I have degrees in both Traditional Naturopathy and Medical Naturopathy...some of my training here has been I am comfortable with this educational method.

As a healthcare provider, I have prescribed many different types of pain medications over the years, including opioids. At this point I use many homeopathic remedies, herbs with very few pharmaceuticals. My patients request this. My interest in cannabis is two-fold… first for my patients and second for family and friends who are suffering from chronic pain. I have seen so many issues with side effects from pharmaceuticals and was aware of the many potential uses for cannabis.

I have spent most of my career in Pennsylvania. PA has just recently legalized medical cannabis but has limited its use for only certain chronic conditions, none that applies currently to the conditions and pain that I deal with as a dentist. I am a real advocate of legalizing, producing and regulating cannabis in my state.

I have personally used CBD oil for mild arthritis pain in my hands (occupational hazard) and it is very effective. However, getting quality products is not always easy.

Any thoughts on what attracted you to Green Flower Academy?

I saw your course and knew it was for me. Last year I took a one-day course offered to healthcare providers that discussed safety and uses for both opioids and cannabis. I was very disappointed in this presentation and was looking for more training. Green Flower fit.

I was very pleased with the short written pieces and videos. This was just right for my busy lifestyle and my own ADD issues (lack of attention

I plan to continue my learning into the medical use of cannabis and am looking forward to another course directed toward healthcare providers.

Sandra Tigner – Licensed Pharmacist and Chemical Engineer

sandra tigner

Tell us about your work and your interest in cannabis.

I am a licensed pharmacist and chemical engineer working in the pharmaceutical industry. I have been watching medical marijuana and the many different ways it is being used and the success that people are having. I think that cannabis has a bright future for medicinal applications and I want to help ensure that new products are developed which are both safe and effective. I would love to consult with the industry on the development of new products and manufacturing high-quality products.

Why Green Flower?

Green Flower has an excellent reputation and is well connected throughout the industry. They are able to connect industry thought leaders together for a united approach to the industry.

Was the Certificate Program helpful?

I enjoyed the program and felt like it was well worth my time!! The program had a diverse list of topics and combined both video and paper learning. Additionally, Green Flower was able to provide excellent reference materials. Finally, a knowledge test was given to ensure that the certification process carried some weight.

Knowledge of Cannabis Fundamentals Is Important for Everybody

The online Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program covers everything you need to know about the essentials of cannabis. Cannabis history, science, botany, products, effects, dosing, and much more.

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