The Cannabis Industry Is Exploding Before Our Very Eyes

Industry Max Simon 1/11/2019


The cannabis industry is exploding before our very eyes.

Sure this plant has always been popular in the underground market – however, right now is the first moment in history where people can participate in the cannabis industry in a completely legal, above-board, legitimate way.

And that is exciting beyond belief!

However, there’s a really serious problem in the industry right now.

Companies (all around the world) are either hiring like crazy or getting ready to start their hiring spree – but they can’t find people who know anything about cannabis. And the learning curve is steep.

Most people don’t have a firm understanding of the science behind cannabis. They don’t have a firm understanding of the industry sectors or roles. And they certainly don’t understand what it takes to legitimately operate and succeed in this space.

In other words, the industry is struggling with enormous cannabis knowledge gaps. And it’s a challenge that even the biggest cannabis companies struggle with every day.

Closing the Cannabis Knowledge Gap Quickly

The reason people are so excited about the Green Flower Certificate Program is because it closes the cannabis knowledge gap in the fastest, most effective, most credible way possible.

By combining the best of modern e-learning technology with trusted experts and best-in-class content, we can help people develop the skills and knowledge they need to successfully participate in this new industry from anywhere in the world  – and at a fraction of the cost.

It can take people from being a cannabis novice to cannabis professional in one weekend!

Plus, I’ve gotten personal notes from all the big cannabis companies in the industry with the same level of excitement because they’re all looking for talented people, trained people, experienced people, people who can actually make an immediate impact inside the company.

So whether you are new to the workforce, switching over from another industry, or even already have a cannabis job – this Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program will make a major impact on you and the industry.

Made for the Industry by the Industry

The Green Flower Certificate Program is something that the industry trusts, respects and has endorsed.

Why? Because they’ve all been participating and helping us create it.

This helps the industry grow, it helps people become a part of the industry, it helps companies get the talent and skills that they require…

Looking at it from every level, Green Flower Certificates have this enormous impact and value on cannabis, which ultimately allows more people to experience the benefits of cannabis and enjoy this plant that brings so much value to the world.

Don’t Miss Your Window of Opportunity

My personal invitation to you is this: seize the opportunity at this unique time in cannabis history.

And in order to do that, you MUST become skilled, knowledgeable, and credible about cannabis in order to participate – and getting your Green Flower Certificate is a really useful step in that direction.

Personally, I’m excited because this is the perfect opportunity to help people from all over the world get involved in the cannabis industry – a space I love and respect so much.

So join us in the cannabis movement, and let’s make history together.

Check out Green Flower Academy here.

Knowledge of Cannabis Fundamentals Is Important for Everybody

The online Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program covers everything you need to know about the essentials of cannabis. Cannabis history, science, botany, products, effects, dosing, and much more.

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