woman's hand holding cannabis bud

These myths are more harmful than you might think.

No woman should ever lose their child or their benefits just because they consume cannabis.

No woman should fear being stigmatized by society for using cannabis.

In fact, can’t we all agree that stereotyping of any kind is harmful and damaging to society?

The father of federal cannabis prohibition, Harry J. Anslinger, once said: “Marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with negroes, entertainers and any others.”

Surprised? This racist, sexist comment lies at the very heart of cannabis prohibition and propaganda. The rhetoric may have evolved over the decades, but thankfully we are starting to see right through the lies.

As the world continues to embrace cannabis as a means for wellness, society is quickly learning that a lot of the myths are nonsense.

This includes misconceptions surrounding women who consume cannabis. These myths can often be applied to men too of course – the point is to be mindful about where the discrimination is coming from in the first place.

In fact, here are the top 5 myths debunked.

Myth #1 – Women who use cannabis lack ambition

Are there people who smoke pot to check out and be lazy? Oh yeah. This is a perfect example of mis-use!

But there are just as many, if not more, who mindfully use cannabis as part of a holistic regimen that allows them to thrive.

woman talking on the phone in her office

Some of this world’s most successful women also happen to be cannabis consumers.

Yet the belief that every woman (or every person for that matter) who uses cannabis lacks ambition is still prevalent for a lot of people.

We know that this misconception is a massive leap in logic with no basis in fact, but the only way to change outdated mindsets is for us to share how cannabis has impacted our lives.

And considering females now account for 36% of all executive roles in the cannabis industry, we see plenty of examples of women who are putting that lazy stoner stereotype to shame.

Myth #2 – Women who use cannabis are not health conscious

It’s amazing how many people still consider cannabis consumption to be a poor health choice.

woman practicing yoga at sundown

Cannabis can be a very healthy life choice if implemented mindfully.

These are usually people who don’t know much about the plant to begin with, which is why education and de-stigmatization are so important.

But then again even regular cannabis consumers don’t always know the full range of health benefits that come with responsible use.

These benefits depend on several factors including a strain’s cannabinoid and terpene profiles, method of ingestion, and dosage levels.

So while some are drawn to cannabis without quite knowing why, others have specifically used it to:

With so many therapeutic qualities, it is easy to see why many health-conscious ladies advocate for legal green.

Myth #3 – Women who use cannabis are immature

Do you ever wonder where all these myths come from in the first place?

From “Reefer Madness” in the 1930s to stereotypical stoner flicks of today, cannabis consumers have been misrepresented in mainstream media for decades.

Luckily, this stereotype is starting to dissipate as many successful, vibrant women have come out in support of cannabis.

However, we don’t hear enough of these cannabis success stories because the lingering taboo makes it difficult to talk about, to come out of the cannabis closet.

People are rightly afraid they’ll lose their jobs or even their children, or that they will be judged based on one if not all of these common myths.

The irony here is that talking about it is one of the best ways to defuse the stigma.

As Jacqueline Parker shared in her letter when Coming Out Green:

“Some of the most productive, ambitious professional, creative, normal, healthy, emotionally stable, warm and affectionate people I know use cannabis regularly to enhance their life through responsible use.”

So, ladies (and gents) – let’s dare to defy this damaging stigma once and for all!

Myth #4 – Women who use cannabis are irresponsible parents

If there’s one issue that has stirred plenty of debate, it’s moms using marijuana.

mother & cooking in kitchen

Moms have endocannabinoid systems, too! The key here is responsible use.

Outdated stereotypes label these women with a slew of negative associations, from burnouts to unfit caregivers.

These stigmas are so culturally pervasive that mothers still remain apprehensive towards cannabis, even in places where it has been legalized.

Some mothers have even lost custody of their children because they chose cannabis instead of alcohol, cannabis instead of pain, cannabis instead of pills …

And of course there are plenty of irresponsible parents who don’t use cannabis at all.

Meanwhile, some of the world’s best parents, mothers who would do anything for the well-being of their child, have led the fight for medical cannabis.

And women of courage and integrity have come forward to share their eye-opening stories around this plant.

From pot parenting tips to using cannabis as a treatment for children battling life-threatening disorders, women are at the forefront of a movement that is not only changing the public perception of marijuana but also saving lives.

Myth #5 – Women who use cannabis are all the same

Women who use cannabis come from a diverse range of backgrounds.

picture of Tiffany Wu and Monica Lo

Co-Founders of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education; Tiffany Wu, Esq., and Monico Lo, photo contributor at Stock Pot Images and creative director at Nomiku in San Francisco.

Truth is, we all approach this plant from very different walks of life. Some of us are:

  • Teachers
  • Business owners
  • Wives
  • Mothers
  • Lawyers
  • Sisters
  • Mentors
  • Doctors
  • Friends
  • Scientists
  • Grandparents
  • And so much more!

We each cultivate a unique relationship with this plant. And making it a healthy relationship starts with mindfulness, education, and honesty.

If you agree that people have a right to consume cannabis responsibly without being judged or stigmatized, please share this article with your friends and followers. Let them know that cannabis is okay!