My Cannabis Career: How to Become a Cannabis Lobbyist

Industry Johnny Green 8/15/2018
cannabis lobbyist
What does it take to be a successful cannabis lobbyist?

A career as a cannabis lobbyist may not be the first thing people think of when they think about jumping into the cannabis industry or movement.

However, cannabis lobbyists play a very important role in pushing cannabis policy forward both from a reform and industry standpoint.

A lobbyist gives a voice and presence at state capitals and/or D.C. to clients they represent both inside and outside of cannabis.

But with cannabis, the lobbying effort also extends to the entire cannabis consuming population, which is a very rewarding thing.

How can someone become a cannabis lobbyist?

Unlike some other professions that require post-undergrad studying, being a lobbyist only requires registering as such with the state in which the lobbying is occurring.

It helps if someone has advanced education and/or a background in politics, but it's not a requirement.

Many effective cannabis lobbyists are ordinary people that just wish to see sensible cannabis policy enacted.

Of course, in order to be paid handsomely as a cannabis lobbyist, you will have to represent paying customers.

But even if you don't strike it rich as a cannabis lobbyist, it's still a worthwhile career choice as long as you can make ends meet.

What are the benefits of being a cannabis lobbyist?

Below are some of the benefits of being a cannabis lobbyist:

  • Helping push sensible cannabis policy forward
  • Providing responsible representation of the cannabis community to lawmakers
  • Watch history being made and have a part in making history
  • Getting paid to be politically active

The cannabis industry and movement need lobbyists. Without them, there would be no voice at state capitals and in D.C.

This is the best time in history to be a cannabis lobbyist

cannabis lobbyist
"Cannabis policy is very hot right now, and people are often all ears." -- Sean Donohoe

This is a golden age for cannabis lobbyists, with lawmakers eager to learn from the cannabis community.

"Cannabis policy is very hot right now, and people are often all ears," says Sean Donohoe.

"Keep elected officials on your side rather than against you," Donohoe adds. "The job of a good lobbyist or anyone interested in advocating for their own cannabis business is to know how to anticipate opposition."

If you find politics interesting and want to be on the cutting edge of cannabis policy, consider being a cannabis lobbyist.

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