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Wondering how to make your high more intense?

Conventional cannabis wisdom tells us that eating after smoking can lessen the effects of a fresh high.

This is a cruel twist of fate for those among us who are regularly afflicted with the post-smoke munchies.

If you’re the type who can’t seem to stay out of the kitchen cupboards after you’ve enjoyed a dose of cannabis, you may be excited to learn that snacking strategically could actually pump up your high instead of toning it down.

Grab one of these foods next time you’re looking for something to nibble when the munchies come calling, or if you just want to try different ways on how to boost your high for maximum effects.

#1) Mangoes

The mango-cannabis rumor is true.

Mangoes have reached almost urban legend status when it comes to their ability to boost a cannabis high.

The good news is, all the hype is true.

Like cannabis, mangoes contain terpenes, the aromatic oils that give both plants their strong signature scents.

Myrcene, a terpene found in both mango and certain types of cannabis, works with THC to give you a stronger high faster than if you’d enjoyed your cannabis by itself.

Slice up a slightly overripe mango either before or right after smoking. When you eat it, take a minute to savor the juices and allow the myrcene time to be absorbed by your saliva glands.

Your stomach may neutralize the chemical’s impact, so this is the best way to make sure you get the maximum effects.

#2) Nuts

When you ingest cannabis, combining it with a healthy fat will help you get the best effects.

Cannabis loves fat.

It attaches to fats whenever it can and is fat soluble, which is why cannabutter is such a great way to consume THC. It’s also the reason that cardio is such an effective method of getting THC out of your system.

When you snack on nuts after enjoying cannabis, you give the cannabinoids a fat to attach to -- omega-3 fatty acids, to be specific.

This helps the cannabinoids cross the blood-brain barrier, and results in a longer-lasting high that sets in almost immediately. 

As an added bonus, nuts are also one of the best snacks to boost your cardiovascular health. This makes it one of the best snacks to keep on hand for when you feel the urge to snack, especially for medical cannabis patients.

#3) Beer

Combining cannabis with alcohol can intensify the effects of both substances.

Good news for those of us who like to enjoy a bowl and a brew from time to time -- beer is a great beverage to grab if you're wondering how to make your high more intense.

If you’ve ever taken a good look at hops (the main ingredient in beer), you know they bear an unmistakable resemblance to another kind of green, dense nugget. They even taste similar, as evidenced in the flavor of particularly hoppy craft beers like IPAs.

That’s because hops, like cannabis, are chock full of powerful terpenes, including myrcene and pinene. Drinking a beer with more hops can improve your high as the terpenes are absorbed through your saliva glands.

When consumed in moderation, beer (like all alcohol) causes blood vessels to expand. This allows for easier THC absorption into the bloodstream and also enhances your high.

Be careful when combining these two, though.

While it’s a great mix if you’re looking to unwind at a party, you also might end up with a more potent experience than you were prepared for.

#4) Broccoli

Not everyone loves the bitter green crucifer, but if you’re a fan of broccoli, you might also enjoy its effects on cannabis..

Broccoli contains high levels of the terpene Beta-caryophyllene, which enhances the pain-relieving and inflammation-fighting effects of cannabis.

If you’re a medical consumer, this is a great hack to make cannabis an even more powerful pain remedy.

If it’s a mental lull you’re seeking, the soothing, anti-depressive properties of Beta-caryophyllene are especially effective when combined with a high-THC indica strain. You’ll be relaxing the evening away before you know it.

#5) Chocolate

Have you tried cannabis and chocolate?

For the ultimate happy high, try combining your cannabis with a few bites of decadent chocolate.

Both chocolate and cannabis contain a compound that promotes feelings of elation, happiness, and even love.

Even when enjoyed alone, these substances can give your mood a lift.

When consumed together, chocolate helps to awaken the receptors that cause cannabis to give us that carefree feeling. The euphoric effects are heightened, and your brain emits a positive response.

This is one reason why cannabis brownies, fudge, and other cocoa-based treats are such a popular way to enjoy your herb.

Keep a few chocolatey snacks on hand, and you’ll never be without the pick-me-up you’re looking for when you need a little extra mileage from your smoke or vape session.

If you're battling chronic pain and inflammation, however, avoid chocolates high in sugar because sugar is an inflammatory-agent.

#6) Sweet Potatoes

Like chocolate, sweet potatoes are a great go-to snack if you’re looking to lift your mood with cannabis.

Sweet potatoes boast high levels of vitamin B, vitamin E, and carbohydrates, all of which have been proven to promote serotonin production.

Grab a handful of salted sweet potato fries for a low fat, healthy way to enhance the euphoric effects of your cannabis.

Just make sure to avoid supplementing your snack with any foods that are high in protein -- the combination of protein and carbs can potentially prohibit serotonin production instead.

#7) Herbs and Spices

We’ve already touched on the presence of terpenes in food and beer, but they can also be found in a number of other natural sources you may already have in your spice cabinet.

Just like the yellow fruit that shares a name resemblance, limonene has a distinctively citrusy flavor. Herbs like lemongrass, lemon basil, and lemon thyme contain limonene, and they can all be grown in your kitchen windowsill.

Limonene is known for its anti-anxiety properties and can be an especially great boost if you’re using cannabis to treat depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

Pinene, which can be found in herbs like thyme, bay leaf, and sage, have a different effect, though similarly stimulating.

Pinene cause the lungs to open up additional passages, which creates more surface space for the cannabinoids to absorb through. This means that your high will come on more quickly and last longer.

#8) Tea

Chemical compounds in your tea can have a synergistic effect with cannabis.

Love to enjoy a nice cup of tea with your cannabis? It could be having more of an effect than you think.

Black and green tea both contain the antioxidant catechin, which works with cannabis to promote feelings of relaxation and calmness.

If you’re looking for different ways on how to make your high more intense, try lightening your tea with a little cannamilk in place of regular milk or cream.