Some of the world’s most productive people use cannabis in a responsible way to stay happy and healthy.

When Marc Angelo Coppola, a social entrepreneur from Québec, participated in Green Flower Media’s #comingoutgreen campaign, he was a bit nervous at first.

He didn’t really know how people would react.

Some of the closest people in his life had no idea that Marc used cannabis – and had been for quite some time.

I caught up with Marc a few months after the video to learn what – if anything – had changed since revealing to the world he is an enthusiast of the herb.

More positive reactions than negative.


Marc took a huge risk by coming out of the cannabis closet, but he knew it was something he had to do.

“I’ve definitely had more positive reactions than anything,” he tells me during a Skype call.

Marc goes on to mention how a lot of fellow cannabis users have approached him in gratitude, wishing that they too could reach out and talk about pot with their friends and family.

He’s also had a lot of parents come up to him, parents who suspected that their son or daughter was using cannabis and had no idea how to handle it, wondering if it was okay or dangerous.

“These parents wanted to know how to deal with it, how to approach it, how to be in a position where there is a real talk going on,” he says.

Any professional repercussions?


To be honest, if somebody has a problem with his cannabis use, Marc would rather not work with them anyway.

Because Marc is his own boss, he didn’t exactly have to worry about getting fired after #comingoutgreen. But as an entrepreneur, he does run four companies, including a marketing firm with some big clients.

Potentially losing some of those clients was a real risk.

“I think that a lot of us – even in business – are looking for truth,” he says. “And there’s a lot of people we meet in the business world where it’s almost like they’re just telling you their script. And so when people saw the coming out green video, it was like wow – this guy is off script. This guy is just being himself.”

Marc even had one marketing client call him out on the video. But not in a bad way. It turns out the client smoked, too, and invited Marc to share a joint together one day.

“Overall there was no negative blowback professionally. As long as I get the job done, people don’t give a shit.”

Why Marc came out of the closet in the first place.

“The reality is that there are a lot of closet smokers, people who use cannabis but aren’t talking about it,” Marc says, adding that because of the stigma, it’s almost like a game where everybody is waiting to see who steps out first.

“For me, it was pretty obvious I had to do the video. I literally make a living by being different and by stepping over boundaries and promoting things that are fringe topics and getting people to talk about them.”

The stigma-busting power of #comingoutgreen.

As more and more people step out of the cannabis closet, including a lot of high-achievers and top executives, the stigma surrounding cannabis continues to dissipate.

Even if you live in an area where cannabis is illegal or disclosing your use of the herb could cost you your job, you can still talk about cannabis with friends and loved ones.

This is important because if we can’t talk about marijuana to the people closest to us, how can we ever step out and lobby the government for change? Only experienced cannabis users can teach others the life-enhancing benefits of this herb.

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