This very helpful panel during the Cannabis Health Summit, “How CBD Will Change the World,” covered a lot of ground by answering some of the biggest questions about CBD.

The 40-minute segment covered points like:

  • What conditions people are using CBD for today
  • CBD versus THC and why both are important
  • Advice if CBD doesn't seem to work for you
  • Best approaches for new CBD consumers
  • How to use CBD for specific ailments
  • And more

Bear Reel from CW Hemp, Tim Gordon from CBDRx, and Michael Backes, author of Cannabis Pharmacy, all added a lot of value to the CBD conversation. 

One of the most important questions explored was how to actually find a good CBD product (see video excerpt above).

If consumers want quality and consistency, what do they need to look for? What should they avoid?

Whole-plant CBD vs. Pure CBD

This may be one of the first points to educate yourself on when exploring whether or not CBD is for you and which products to look for. 

The term “whole-plant” refers to cannabis products that were extracted from the actual plant.

Whole-plant products are supposed to include all the other compounds including terpenes, flavonoids, and much more (although with some extraction methods you can lose some of the extra plant compounds as Tim Gordon described during the panel).

Whole-plant is really what botanical medicine is all about, and it’s a stark contrast from products we find being marketed as pure CBD, which essentially refers to CBD as an isolated molecule.

People get so excited about the potential of CBD, they often think they can do away with the other compounds in this plant and just stick with CBD-only.

This may work for some, however you're likely losing a ton of benefits with a CBD-only approach.

Watch the experts dive a little deeper into this specific question during the panel:

Understanding Where the Product Came From

Another important factor to distinguishing a quality CBD product is to understand where it came from, to educate yourself on the process through which it was produced.

The best CBD-rich product manufacturers out there are very transparent about their processes. The shady manufacturers who are just trying to make money, will obviously try to be secretive about how they produce their products.

Knowing where the plant material came from, what kind of testing the manufacturers have done to ensure safety, what kind of extraction process was used – all very important nuances if you’re concerned about quality and assurance, and consistency.

The experts on this CBD panel told us exactly what to look for and what to avoid.

Like with the other 35+ speakers and panels from CHS 2017, we cover a lot of ground here. Not to be missed if you want to learn everything you can about cannabis + health.

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