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The MJ for MDs conference was a groundbreaking event, and you can get instant access to the entire thing right now.

Unfortunately, most physicians know very little about cannabis as medicine. Most medical schools don’t teach cannabis (or the endocannabinoid system), and hospitals generally know nothing about it.

Many people in the health community want to learn, patients want to learn, families want to learn – people have QUESTIONS.

So why not turn to the physicians, scientists, and researchers who do know this plant, how it works, and how to get the most benefits?

This is exactly why we recorded the Marijuana for Medical Professionals conference – 45+ experts from around the world speaking on a mind-blowing range of cannabis topics.

Cannabis and psychiatry, cannabis dosing, endocannabinoid science, cannabis and the immune system, cannabis and pain, cannabis and cancer – and so much more. This is one of the most well-respected medical cannabis conferences in the world.

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To give you a taste, here are a few inspiring audio clips from the MJ for MDs conference. Further down you can find the complete speaker + topic list available for you to watch when you join INSIDER today!

MJ for MDs Audio Clip #1

MJ for MDs Audio Clip #2

Marijuana for Medical Professionals speaker + topic list

Here is a complete list of all the talks from this pivotal conference you can watch right now if you join INSIDER by April 12!


Cannabis and the Future of Drugs – Raphael Mechoulam, PhD

Cannabis in Cancer and Pain Care – Donald Abrams, MD

Cannabinoids & Terpenes in Practice – Mara Gordon

Cannabinoids & Bone Marrow Transplants – Rueven Or, PhD

Cannabis & Cancer Research in Spain – Guillermo Velasco, PhD

Geriatrics and Cannabis Treatments – Inbal Sikorin, RN

Cannabis & Autism Spectrum – Christian Bogner, MD

How Cannabis Works

Cannabis & Pain Psychology – Alan Wiesser, PhD

Cannabis Adverse Reactions and Side Effects – David Bearman, MD

Plant Genetics and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – Jeffery Block, MD

Introduction to CBD-A – Manny Johnson

Introduction to How Hash Oil is Made – Dustin Mahon

Cannabis and Immune System – Joseph Cohen, MD

Marijuana and Psychiatry – Jose A Franceschini, MD

Pregnancy and Geriatrics in Cannabis – Laura Borgelt, PhD

Cannabis as an Herbal Medicine – Deborah Malka, PhD MD

PK of Liposamal Nano Preparations – Chris Shade, PhD

Cannabis & Mental Health – Heather Manus, RN

Poly-pharmacy & the Elderly – Nurse Marci Cooper, RN

Cannabis and Pediatric Epilepsy – Margaret Gedde, MD PhD

Patient Care

Basic Dosing & Titration for New Patients – Martha Montemayor

Consistent Dosing with Cannabis – Greg Smith, MD

Role of Pharmacists in Cannabis Care – Joseph Freidman, R.Ph

Are Dabs Dangerous? – Martha Montemayor

ECS Deficiency – Michele Ross, PhD

Cannabis as part of Integrated Care Plans – Laura Lagano, MS, RDN


Evidence Based Medicine vs. Medical Marijuana – Jack McCue, MD

Pro Sports, Cannabis and the Opiate Epidemic – Belita Nelson, former DEA

Rodent Lab Studies with Cannabis – Jamie Baumgartner

Children’s Hospital – Kathleen Dorris, MD

Cannabis and Insomnia: National Jewish Hospital – Madeline Morris

Vets & PTSD – Rebecca Matthews


Who Should Advise Patients? – J. Friedman R.Ph, David from Trill, Nurse Heather, Dr J. Cohen

Case Studies & Patient Stories

Fibromyalgia & Cannabis Case Study  – Teri Robnett

Paralyzed Cannabis Patient Story – Ashley Weber

PTSD Veteran Case Study – Matt Kale

IBS Case Study – Coltyn Turner

Pediatric Epilepsy Patient Case Study – Jennie Storm

Your Practice

Medical Marijuana and Your Medical License – Attorney Robert Corry Esq

The Cannabis and Telemedicine Controversy – Perry Solomon, MD

Legislation & Regulation

Cannabis and the Colorado Legislature – State Rep. Jonathan Singer

Introduction to Lab Testing in CO – Jay Kodah, MS

Other Opportunities & Profiles

Cannabis Science Highlights – Josh Crossney

Education Opportunities in Cannabis – Chloe Vilano

Trill Colorado Dispensary Profile – David Threlfal

Closing Remarks

Tribute to Lester Grinspoon, MD, and Closing Remarks – Sarara Corva

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