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The Cannabis Science Conference is now streaming on Green Flower INSIDER!

The recent Cannabis Science Conference was a game changer. Attracting attendees from Israel, Germany, Australia, Colombia, South Africa, Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan – it was an event that bridged the gap between analytical science and cannabis.

Event organizer Josh Crossney of jCanna said it best: “We wanted to pull from experts in multiple fields to help apply their expertise to cannabis science, testing and medicine.”

In short, CSC is a collection of cannabis, medical and analytical science experts meeting to share information and learn together. Essentially, it is a forum for novices and experts alike to advance their knowledge and network in the name of cannabis science.

Although the inaugural conference has come and gone, you can still access and watch CSC in its entirety through Green Flower INSIDER (which is basically the Netflix of cannabis education).

To celebrate CSC, all the organizers and speakers involved, as well as cannabis science itself here are 9 people who ought to watch this conference ASAP:

#1) Physicians and Practitioners

Let’s face it, most medical schools skip over cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, which is an absolute travesty since this is one of the most important systems in the body.

CSC is your opportunity to remedy some of those key knowledge gaps, get unbiased information, and learn what’s really going on with cannabis and how it works. If you work directly with patients in any capacity, one might say you owe it to them to know this important information as you support them in their path to health and wellness.

#2) Scientists and Researchers

The science of cannabis crosses a lot of different boundaries. Whether you’re interested in pharmacology, cannabis genomes, or how to accelerate clinical cannabis research – CSC is a great opportunity to keep up with the latest developments, connect with other scientists, and stay on the cutting-edge of your field.

#3) Lab Managers

Cannabis testing labs play a key role in helping the industry elevate its standards of quality and assurance. If you take pride in running a clean, precise cannabis testing operation, you will find a lot of value in several of the CSC presentations – including expert talks on screening cannabis for contamination, testing edibles, the best instruments for testing, and much more.

#4) Dispensary Owners/Cannabis Vendors

A great dispensary owner should want to learn everything he or she can about the science of cannabis. Because knowing this plant inside and out will enable you to provide the best customer service and avoid inferior products or testing services.

If you want to stand out from your competition, this could also be great information to share with your team and staff as well.

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We want everybody to learn as much as possible about the science of cannabis!

#5) Regulators and Lawmakers

Regulating a new industry is NOT easy. With the cannabis industry, we have so many stakeholders and a lot of conflicting information. This is significant because we don’t want any cannabis regulations to be based from misconceptions or lack of knowledge. CSC is an excellent forum to clear up a lot of that misinformation and make sure our policies are sensible and ensure safe, quality products.

#6) Product Manufacturers

Edibles, drinkables, extracts, and even cannabis flower itself – science is a huge aspect to creating a quality product that people will love. If you want your product to meet expectations, add value to people’s lives, and gain a stronger foothold in the marketplace – why not learn from the best?

#7) Cannabis Cultivators

Quality and assurance at the cultivation level is vital, especially when you consider the fact that extremely sick people may be consuming the medicine you grow. The last thing you want is for any contaminants or pesticides to find their way to the marketplace.

And if you’re interested in patenting your own cannabis strains (which will protect you from entities like Big Pharma), CSC has that covered too.

#8) Members of the Media

If you create any sort of educational media regarding cannabis (articles, videos, podcasts), CSC is a proverbial goldmine. You’ll get expert insights on topics that few people are covering. You also find in CSC a trove of experts you can follow up with for deeper coverage.

#9) Curious Patients & Cannabis Connoisseurs

CSC isn’t just for professionals. If you’re passionate about this plant and want to learn as much about it as possible, you’re in for a treat with each and every one of these talks. You’ll learn some pretty mind blowing things about the science of cannabis that most of the general public doesn’t yet know.

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