Tracy Ryan’s daughter Sophie was only eight months old when she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. The parents were given one option: to treat their baby with chemotherapy for 13 months. 

Tracy and her husband were forewarned of the toxicity and terrible side effects, as well as the grim reality that even minimal tumor shrinkage would be considered a huge success, and that Sophie would likely be blind in at least one eye.

While they agreed to the year of chemo, the California couple decided to do their own investigation. In addition to the chemo, they found good reason to also give Sophie cannabis oil – and no reason not to.

Right into her baby food, Sophie’s parents fed the 9-month-old a high-dose THC and CBD cannabis tincture. Her actual dosage amount was the size of half a grain of rice, twice a day.

“The most amazing news we could have gotten,” according to Tracy, came a year later when the tumor was almost completely gone!

Doctors at Kaiser Los Angeles concurred that the cannabis oil helped destroy Sophie’s brain tumor. And with no vision damage as expected, the only side effect was sleepiness, which subsided with time.

A notable side benefit of the cannabis treatment was increased appetite. Sophie was able to gain weight despite chemotherapy treatment, which greatly increases a patient’s chances for survival. 

A Doctor’s Take: Cannabis as Medicine

“It has been a medicine for 3,000 years, it only hasn’t been a medicine in this country for 70 years,” remarked Donald Abrams, MD and Chief of Hematology/Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital.

Talking about his cancer patients, he explained that as standard protocol, “I could write them a prescription for five or six different medicines to deal with the effects of chemotherapy.”

However, Dr. Abrams elaborated, the pharmaceutical route is expensive and risks negative interactions with each drug combination as well as with chemotherapy. Instead, “I could recommend that they try one medicine, cannabis, which can take care of all of those concerns.”

Common chemotherapy side effects include nausea, vomiting, pain, depression, insomnia, and loss of appetite, and clinical trials have confirmed that cannabis is useful in treating these symptoms.

Unfortunately, many people still don’t have safe access to this medicine.

Forbidden Treatment: Cannabis for Cancer 

While clinical trials prove that cannabis can alleviate a lot of the harsh side effects of chemotherapy, the U.S. government has only quietly revealed that cannabis kills cancer cells.

Research confirming this fact exists under the microscope in other countries, but many American patients and caretakers are forced to relocate or break the law for access to medicinal cannabis.

The sad irony here can be found in the alarming statistics which show that pharmaceutical drugs cause death on a regular basis. Meanwhile cannabis is scheduled as a dangerous drug according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The schedule I category includes substances like heroin, ecstasy and LSD. Cannabis is even labeled as a more serious threat than schedule II drugs like cocaine, methadone and oxycodone!

Regardless, plenty of parents are forcing the government’s hand and taking things into their own hands.

“If my kid is drowning, I am in that water. I don’t care what that sign says,” explains a teary-eyed John Malanca in the documentary trailer for “Weed the People.”

Malanca cofounded United Patients Group to help patients access the plant after he watched his father-in-law survive stage four liver cancer that had metastasized to the brain. Despite a 2-weeks-to-live prognosis from doctors, he is alive and well with no recurrence four years later, thanks to cannabis.

This Plant Is Saving Lives

Despite all the cannabis myths and lingering fears around this plant, Tracy Ryan says she sees only life-saving benefits, and no mental or physical harm. She says that cannabis even helped to protect her daughter’s brain from damage caused by chemotherapy.

The experience inspired Tracy to start her own organization CannaKids, where she shares “living proof that cannabis is truly a remarkable medicine” for children afflicted by all forms of cancer.

Today CannaKids operates as a California-based cooperative, working with a team of PhD scientists that specialize in organic chemistry. They extract purified, raw cannabinoids via a safe, solvent-free process and offer it in bubble gum and grape flavors to young patients.

It is not just for cancer, either. More children with epilepsy and autism are also being treated thanks to success stories from legal states that have proven cannabis to be safer and often times more effective than pharmaceutical treatments.

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