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Cannabis education is in greater demand than ever before.

How do you rectify 80+ years of misleading propaganda – these massive misinformation campaigns that have come from the top down ever since the 1930s?

How to extinguish the deep-rooted and harmful stigma, the lies, the myths about cannabis … where do we start? Who do we trust?

Cannabis is an incredibly deep subject pervaded by misunderstanding.

It’s tragic that this plant has been demonized for so long, to the point where even the smartest minds fall victim to stigmatized thinking, void of curiosity.

And even people who love this plant, people who have been consuming cannabis for decades, often tend to their own set of misconceptions around how it works. It’s not like they teach you about cannabis truth in school!

Meanwhile, entire industries have formed out of prohibition and – in the interest of self-preservation – have every reason to continue spreading the lies that play off our greatest fears.

However, people are seeing right through this propaganda, and they are asking very important questions.

This is exactly why Green Flower has created an entire network of trusted cannabis knowledge where you can learn from the top cannabis minds from around the globe.

We have this sudden, urgent need for cannabis education because more people than ever are turning toward this plant.

Cannabis – whether you like it or not – has already gone mainstream, and more people than ever are getting curious about how it works, how to use it, and how it can add value to their lives.

Curiosity on any subject is important because it leads to awareness, and awareness precedes understanding.

Education is the fabric that binds all that together.

Replacing Stigma with Real Dialogues

Max Simon talking to Mara Gordon
Mara Gordon and Max Simon - "Cannabis and Your Body"

Why do cannabis dialogues matter?

In a lot of regions cannabis is still very much taboo.

People still feel strange or awkward just talking about it – let alone trying it.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is a subject we should be able to discuss freely without fear of judgment or persecution?

Although we’ve had some high-profile celebrities, politicians, and business executives come out of the cannabis closet so to speak –  imagine how many people are still keeping their relationship with this plant secret? 

Cannabis consumers are still rightly afraid of discrimination, losing their jobs, benefits, children, or freedom.

Credible, far-reaching education will change all of that, crushing the stigma on all fronts.

This will allow us to be more open about cannabis and to raise our curiosity around what it has to offer and how it really works.

The more access we have to credible cannabis education, the easier it will be for us discuss cannabis, exchange ideas, and to make informed decisions at the policy level as well as in our personal lives.

Presently, the stigma is so great that I’ve known people – cancer patients even – who were so entrenched in cannabis taboo, they were afraid to even give it a try.

And when you bring in scientific evidence as well as more approachable delivery methods such as tinctures or oil capsules, the conversation changes drastically.

All Physicians Need to Know at Least the Basics about Cannabis

Physician writing medical cannabis recommendation.
A lot of physicians are very curious about cannabis. Others are afraid of it.

If you’ve never heard about the mammalian endocannabinoid system, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Basically, this neurotransmitter system is responsible for establishing and maintaining balance for nearly all of the body’s processes – including other neurotransmitters.

Just to give you a few examples, this system is responsible for everything from the fetus attaching to the uterine wall to maintaining body temperature, gastrointestinal health, bone health, eye health, skin health and so much more.

Whenever something goes wrong with our endocannabinoid system we run into health problems.

The compounds in cannabis just happen to bind to the receptors in this system perfectly, making cannabis an excellent supplement just as we would take a supplement for iron deficiency or Vitamin D deficiency.

As crucial and important and amazing as this system is, it’s even more mind-boggling that most medical schools don't teach it.

Most people and most doctors have never even heard of it before – despite the fact that it was discovered in the late 1980s and early 90s.

Why don’t they teach it more prevalently in medical schools?

It’s a great question.

And it probably has something to do with the tricky area of teaching med students about an important system which can be perfectly targeted by a natural albeit federally banned substance (cannabis).

Some doctors are eager to learn more about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, and others are intimidated by it. Perhaps afraid to consider the idea that their entire medical career was built around an institutional-level lie.

Even in states with medical cannabis laws, some physicians will order you to attend drug counseling sessions if they find out you are consuming cannabis.

This sort of misunderstanding is shameful and harmful to society.

Obviously we can’t expect physicians to devote time and energy to becoming experts on cannabis.

However, according to cannabis physician Dr. Jordan Tishler in Massachusetts, they should know enough to recommend patients to cannabis specialists just as they would a cardiologist for example.

As education increases, you can expect a growing number of cannabis specialists over the next decade.

The Public Needs Solid Information

Cannabis Book
If we want to make informed decisions we have to educate ourselves on the latest information.

Regulating any new industry – in this case cannabis – is not easy.

It takes a lot of work and intelligent dialogue to pull things off just right.

The fact that cannabis has so many misconceptions makes it even more intense.

We definitely don’t want any of these new regulations or policies around cannabis to be formed by any misunderstanding of the plant or how it works.

With cannabis reform sweeping across the nation, policy-making isn’t just coming down to the state level, but also in individual counties and townships which have the right to enact their own ordinances or bans around cannabis regardless of state laws.

In other words, policymakers and voters need credible information to properly navigate all the propaganda.

That’s not easy to find in today’s fractured media landscape. Again this is why Green Flower is centered around a global network of proven cannabis experts

Physicians, practitioners, scientists – people who have been working with this plant on a clinical level for years.

That said, it’s important to remember that all of these new cannabis laws are part of an evolutionary process.

With time and education, we will continue to refine and shape public policy in this area for the ultimate good of everybody who has an endocannabinoid system (that’s all of us!).

Lifting Restrictions Around Cannabis Research

test tubes with cannabis samples
Cannabis research has been hampered for far too long. And why? To what end?

Taking an informed approach to public policy would also free up researchers to better do their job in studying cannabis.

Even though we have enough research to support the basic safety profile of cannabis, we still have a lot to learn.

In fact, because of prohibition much of the world is literally light years behind in cannabis research while hard-working teams in places like Israel and Spain are making the cutting-edge breakthroughs.

Equally important: it does not benefit the greater good of humanity when we have mainstream media reports making bogus claims about cannabis through corrupted or slanted studies.

We want real answers about cannabis science as opposed to more propaganda designed to protect the vested interests of prohibition.

With the right education, it will be much easier to deal with the misleading, fear-based propaganda which continues to appear in the media.

Knowledge of Cannabis Fundamentals Is Important for Everybody

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