Cannabis dosing can be quite confusing, especially for newcomers.

Finding that optimal “therapeutic window” in your dosing regimen does take a bit of trial and error and mindfulness. It’s all about discovering what works for you and what doesn’t.

The concept of microdosing really simplifies the entire process, giving many cannabis consumers a solid starting point for developing their optimal regimen.

Microdosing is about taking low doses of cannabis that do not create an intense psychoactive experience, but they are enough to cause beneficial changes within your physical, mental, emotional and energetic state.

Why should you consider microdosing?

Most people don’t realize that they are consuming more cannabis than their body can process or needs and thus they end up experiencing some negative side effects like lack of motivation, getting overly fatigued, or feeling foggy.

You might not realize that you can consume less cannabis and get a lot of benefits from it.

I started experimenting with microdosing after I realized that I’d been over-consuming and my tolerance level was continuously rising.

I didn’t want to have to spend more money on cannabis or rely on a certain method of consuming to feel the desired effects I was looking for. I also didn’t want to have to continuously re-learn what the right dose was for me because my tolerance kept changing.

So when I started microdosing, all this changed and I really learned how to dial in my ideal dose, which is what I want for you, too!

How to start experimenting with microdosing

Here are four steps to get you started with microdosing:

#1) Strain Selection

Some strains are more potent than others and if you are experimenting with consuming less cannabis you would most likely want to try picking strains that are less potent, at least for day-time use.

Mandee holding cannabis jar

Being able to choose between strains is important, but you can benefit from microdosing any strain.

I like to use a CBD-dominant strain when consuming during the day. CBD strains are great because they give you more of the full entourage effect. What some people don’t know is that cannabis works better for your body when many of the cannabinoids are present – not just THC.

Although CBD-rich strains do have smaller amounts of THC in them, you still experience some psychoactive effects, but it is very mild and most of the effects are felt more in the physical, emotional and energetic states.

Once you start consuming a CBD strain or a strain with less potency and then you go back to a more potent strain, you will be amazed at how different strains can be. Many people don’t realize how strong the cannabis was they were consuming until they experience this difference.

#2) Alternating different consumption methods

If you like to smoke or vaporize, shift to taking a tincture or a low-dose edible. This can help recalibrate your system.

You don’t always need to take a complete break from cannabis to experience it the same way you did when you first started, you can switch to different consumption methods and have a similar experience.

cannabis vaporizer, tincture, edibles, and joint

If possible, try experimenting with different consumption methods for enhanced therapeutic benefit.

You will notice the effects of each method of consumption much more strongly again when you try this. This also applies with alternating different strains as well because your body can adapt to one type of strain or method of consumption when you don’t alternate and then it just doesn’t provide the same effects anymore.

#3) Learn the situations where microdosing is ideal for you

I find that there are certain situations where I need more cannabis than others. For example, when I get my menstrual cramps I rely on a stronger cannabis dose to manage the pain, which is still better than the pain killers I used to take.

But microdosing does work for me when I want to shift my mood and energy; if I’m feeling stuck, unmotivated or emotional, a microdose of cannabis will help me become positive, grateful and open.

I find mircodosing is great for coping with anxiety and stress, for being relaxed and engaging in social situations – it can help my brain function and focus better and be more creative at work, and it helps with minor aches and pains.

cannabis bud in a daily storage container for medicine

Microdosing could enable you to get much more out of cannabis and to better fine-tune your regimen.

#4) Be Observant

So there are two ways I recommend trying microdosing.

For some people it can be great to start with taking just one hit (also referred to as one inhalation, toke, puff, or pull), waiting 20 minutes and seeing what those effects are like. Then if it feels right take a second pull and observe what those effects are like.

What you will notice when you are being this observant, is that with each dose or milligram of THC you will start to experience different effects. There are many subtle shifts that happen in your physical, emotional and energetic states that we often are not even aware.

You will also start to notice all the subtle differences between your states on cannabis and without cannabis.

Now if this seems like too much of a stretch for you then you can start by lowering your consumption by a few hits each time you consume and work your way down to one or two or whatever feels like the right microdose amount for you. Remember it doesn’t have to be a drastic shift at first.

Even now it can still be hard for me to only take one or two pulls; it seems counterintuitive but whenever I take that third inhalation I don’t feel as optimal compared to when I only take two. Each one makes a difference.

It all comes down to experimenting and having discipline and not being hard on yourself in the beginning if you take more than a microdose.

Microdosing isn’t for everyone

large cannabis bud on a table

Microdosing isn’t for everybody, which is a reminder that we all have different experiences and relationships with this plant.

If you consume cannabis for severe medical reasons you might need to have higher doses of cannabinoids; each person has to find the amount of cannabis that will work best for them.

One person’s microdose amount might be different from another’s. The most important thing is to listen to your body, be observant, and if you have a severe medical illness work with a professional to help find the right dose for you.

If you’re up for some experimentation I encourage you to give microdosing a try. Keep a curious mindset and just look at it as a way to learn more about this miraculous plant, your own body, and the different physiological states.

Have you tried microdosing? We’d love to hear your experience! Please share it in the comments below so that we can all learn from each other as a community.