Cultivating a successful relationship with cannabis involves a lot of different nuances. We talk about things like strain choice, dosage, set and setting – and today, we focus on intent.

Intent is a crucial component to getting the most therapeutic benefit out of the psychoactive experience with cannabis. And by ‘intent’ we mean getting crystal clear on exactly why you are using this plant, each time before you consume.

Exercising mindful intent with cannabis can lead you to revelatory breakthroughs in your work, your relationships, and pretty much any other part of your life.

Here are the three steps that I use to infuse my cannabis experience with intent:

#1) Set a Clear Intent

Mandee lighting a candle

What will be your intent next time you consume cannabis? How can you set the stage and prepare?

Make sure to get very clear on WHY you are consuming cannabis. Are you looking to connect more deeply with another person? Are you looking for new ideas to improve your life?

The possibilities here are endless! Every day people continue to find so many different ways in which cannabis adds value to mind, body, and spirit.

So before you consume next time, get clear on your intent and watch as it manifests into reality.

#2) Take Immediate Aligned Action:

Mandee holding rose pedals

Whatever your intent might be, don’t delay taking action after your cannabis kicks in.

Cannabis is a powerful plant, and you can easily get distracted from your intent unless you take immediate action.

So when you consume, don’t wait to get into motion. If you’re intention is to get a great workout, don’t consume and then wait an hour.

Go get out there and get your blood pumping immediately!

#3) Trust the Plant:


If your intention isn’t panning out, don’t fret. Trust this plant to guide and learn how you might approach the intent differently next time.

Sometimes we go into cannabis with a certain intent and things don’t always pan out. Maybe your dosage is too high and you start feeling anxious or fatigued. That’s okay. Follow that energy. Change your environment or activity, or go rest.

The role of cannabis is to restore balance in the body. Listen to the lessons it teaches as you explore, experiment and continue to define your relationship with this amazing plant.

Question of the week…

Have you tried setting an intention with Cannabis? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.