This was a big week for cannabis, especially for social use reform. Below is a recap of the biggest news in cannabis from the last week.

Social use reform is approved in Las Vegas and is one signature away in Colorado

What happened: The Las Vegas City Council approved a measure this week that would legalize cannabis lounges in the city. It's the first municipality in the state to do so.

The Colorado Legislature approved a bill that would legalize 'tasting rooms' within the state. The bill now goes to the Governor for final approval.

Why it matters: Social use reform has been approved in some jurisdictions in the U.S. already, but it's the exception rather than the rule.

Hopefully, when lawmakers in other areas see social use working in Vegas and beyond they will be more likely to embrace social use reform in the areas that they represent.

Cannabis investor donates $9 million towards academic cannabis research efforts

What happened: Manhattan-based investor Bob Broderick donated $9 million to Harvard and MIT for cannabis research projects.

The projects will focus on cannabis use and the human brain. Broderick donated the money after making tens of millions of dollars from investing in Canada's cannabis industry.

Why it matters: The donation is being touted as the largest private donation ever towards cannabis research.

The research that will be conducted will benefit society for years to come. A lot of research has already been conducted despite what opponents claim, but more research is always good!

Massachusetts gives initial approval to a unique plan for cannabis delivery licenses

What happened: Cannabis regulators in Massachusetts gave initial approval to a plan that would limit adult-use cannabis delivery licenses.

For at least two years licenses will be reserved for applicants from communities that have been the most impacted by cannabis prohibition.

Why it matters: Social equity is an extremely important issue and must be front and center in all cannabis industry policy discussions.

Massachusetts is at the forefront of the social equity push and hopefully it inspires other states to enact meaningful social equity policies.

Study finds that cannabis use is often combined with exercise

What happened: Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder looked at survey data regarding cannabis use and exercise.

The study found that 81.7% of survey respondents reported combining cannabis use and exercise.

Why it matters: Cannabis consumers have often been portrayed as being extremely lazy. This study debunks that unfair stereotype.

Cannabis can absolutely be a part of an active lifestyle, which is something that a growing number of current and retired professional athletes have been pointing out.

Willie Nelson says that cannabis saved his life

What happened: In an interview that was published this week, iconic musician Willie Nelson stated that cannabis saved his life.

Nelson claimed that had he not consumed cannabis that he would likely not have lived as long as he has. Willie Nelson turned 86 years old this week.

Why it matters: Willie Nelson is as famous as they come, so when he talks positively about cannabis, it carries weight with a huge sector of society.

Willie is living proof that cannabis can provide a number of wellness benefits!

Green Flower Video of the Week: Cannabis and Preventative Health

According to neuroscientist Michele Ross, over 25% of Americans have a condition linked to clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CED) and in this online video session, she explores how these deficiencies precede neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s and ALS, and how cannabis can restore balance and prevent disintegration. She also covers how other conditions linked to CED like migraine, fibromyalgia and endometriosis could benefit from cannabis.

WATCH: Cannabis as Preventative Care

Using cannabis as preventative care